Try THIS hair growth oil (Nanoil Castor Oil review)

Bhringraj oil may be the ruler of hair but you’re going to achieve much more with castor oil. Not only will you strengthen hair and stop thinning once and for all but also nourish your lashes and eyebrows as well as regenerate nail plate – even harshly damaged nails due to gel. The highest-quality castor oil is in Nanoil line. Read 10 most important reasons why you should get it straight away.

nanoil castor oil

Nanoil Castor Oil, why it’s better than bhringraj? TOP 10┬áreasons

1. Nanoil Castor Oil means highest quality

It applies to all beauty oils offered by the brand, not just this one. Nanoil means quality for the fair price. Castor enhancer has been awarded the Ecocert certificate.

2. It is unrefined and cold-pressed, organic and natural

Nanoil Castor Oil is 100% pure product which surprises with effectiveness and is high in micronutrients, vitamins, ricinoleic acid, flavonoids and plant sterols characteristic for castor bean plant, not included in any other oil.

3. Nanoil Castor Oil speeds up hair growth within a few weeks

Systematic application of Nanoil to hair give fast results; hair grows more quickly, gets stronger and thicker.

4. Nanoil Castor Oil makes hair better looking after single use

Fifteen minutes are enough to get back hair’s shine and vitality. Tresses are voluminous, shiny and definitely less damaged.

5. It works for all hair types

Choice of the right oil for your hair type tends to pose a challenge. Luckily, there’s castor oil which means heaven for every hair type thanks to unique structure. It’s a flawless oil for thick, greasy hair, fine strands as well as damaged, extremely dry tresses.

6. Nanoil Castor Oil is ideal to treat lashes and brows

It’s one and only so effectively-working oil strengthening these tiny hairs. You can use castor oil on lashes and brows as often as necessary to beautiful them, speed up growth or make them fuller.

7. Castor Oil is an amazing skin cleanser

It’s an unusual feature of oil extracted from beautiful castor bean: Nanoil Castor Oil is one of few oils with such powerful cleansing effect. It is suitable for OCM blends, giving top-quality makeup-removing routine.

8. Nanoil Castor Oil irons out wrinkles

Especially ones under your eyes. It’s a thick oil acting as brilliant nighttime eye serum. Plant sterols, flavonoids, vitamins and fatty acids in castor oil effectively enhance anti-aging routine, as well as smooth out skin and reduce visibility of first face lines.

9. Castor Nanoil reflects the light for amazing shine and lovely looks of hair

This can be spotted after first use. Provided you rinse the oil thoroughly, it doesn’t weigh down yet boosts volume and vitality. After Nanoil Castor Oil treatment, hair feels velvet-like and smooth, it looks gorgeous and full of life.

10. Nanoil Castor Oil protects hair throughout its length

The activity of pollution, smog, high temps, freezing cold, wind, rain, air-con and all other hair-damaging factors is poorer. Hair’s gained strength and increased resistance even to mechanical damage (tugging, rubbing, harsh brushing, backcombing).

organic castor hair oil

When choosing oil to strengthen hair, stop thinning and encourage hair growth, you must pay attention to its quality and other properties. Oriental Ayurvedic oils, including bhringraj, don’t work for face, body, nails or eyebrows, and, to make things worse, they don’t have a nice scent. Also, they are macerated in coconut oil which tends to leave hair frizzy and doesn’t work for damaged or weak hair.

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