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Therapeutic hair oil Biotique, Bio Bhringraj.

The characteristic feature of Biotique cosmetics are its ingredients regarded as highly typical elements of traditional Indian medicine. One of Biotique’s best-sellers is a therapeutic oil called Bio Bhringraj, which is famous for its hair growth accelerating features. How does it work? Why does it work? You are going to find the


Bhringraj. Traditional Indian Hair Oil.

Bhringraj is one of the most popular Indian hair oils. Designed in accordance with ancient Hindoo medicine, the oil has a lot of caring, nourishing and even healing features. What is the secret of Bhringraj oil? Magic, Indian recipe The most important indicator of a product’s quality is its composition. Bhringraj contains


Indian hair oils – Sesa vs. Bhringraj.

Exceptionally unique composition, many favourable reviews, traditional recipes and original plant extracts – these are characteristic features of Indian oils used for hair care. Systematic application of traditional oils made from Middle Eastern plants can produce really eye-popping effects. Today, we are going to compare two most common Indian oils that are